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Zakah literally means “that which purifies”. It is one of the five pillars of Islam and mentioned in more than 24 Quranic verses along with prayers. Zakah is poor’s right on the wealth of the rich, avoiding Zakah is depriving the poor of their due share. This comprehensive book by Darussalam Publishers clarifies many serious misunderstandings of Zakah concepts like:
• Whether zakah is payable on used jewelry?
• Can zakah be paid to parents?
• Is zakah payable on diamonds bought as part of savings?
• Can zakah fund be spent on building a mosque?
The author has tried to answer these and other questions in the light of fatwas from renowned scholars. He has also explained the concepts of zakah with numerical example to make them easier to understand. This book also contains topics such as History of Zakah, Conditions of Zakah, Recipients of Zakah, and Zakah on Gold, Jewelry, Investments, Business and Real Estate. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants authentic knowledge about Zakah.

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