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The gods have Fallen, and Shandahar is destined to become a battlefield. People of all races, professions, and alignments from over the world have begun to realize what has taken place, and they will rally to the one to whom they feel the greatest allegiance. They will become pawns in the power play that will ensue, lost beneath the shade of the gods. And only the most powerful will win. When Aeris and her cousin, Talemar, are abducted by the goddess Tholana, their comrades immediately give chase. Within the underground fortress of the Dark Queen, the pair will be subject to whatever torment the Cimmereans can think to visit upon them, and every day spent within the stronghold places them at greater risk. Meanwhile, the Daemundai are still in pursuit. Led by Razlul Daemonkeeper's chief mage, the vile priests doggedly follow in their footsteps. However, unbeknownst to the group, the sect is no longer interested in the dragon crystals. They have other prey in mind, a member of the company who may prove to be invaluable . . . The adventure continues. Will the companions persevere? Or will they become just another set of pawns to be used by the gods? 

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