Second Pregnancy

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Your ability to conceive a healthy child and have a vaginal delivery, your risk of suffering certain pregnancy-related conditions, the ease with which you are able to maintain your physical wellbeing and that of your unborn baby while caring for an older child, and your being able to manage a two-child family are only some of the challenges you will meet in a second pregnancy. Many second-time mothers are in their late thirties and forties and this has particular relevance when it comes to conceiving and prenatal care. They also have to weigh carefully the additional risks of trying for a vaginal birth after a previous caesarean delivery as against those of a repeat caesarean. Pregnancy manuals in the main are directed at first-time mothers and coverage of further pregnancies can be cursory. This book, therefore, fills a gap in the marketplace. No two pregnancies and births are ever exactly the same - even for the same woman - and this book will explain why.

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