Medical Sciences

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Medical Sciences was the first fully integrated textbook designed to bridge the gaps between school-level biosciences and the early years of medical school, and to demonstrate through context the relevance of the medical sciences to clinical practice. Building on the great success of the first two editions, this fully updated and augmented market-leading title is now in its third edition. Register your StudentConsult PIN for access to the e-book and its new contents. Clear, integrated approach to contextualising the medical sciences in their clinical application. Highly illustrated. Accessible, readable writing. e-only chapters which animate difficult concepts The physiology of psychological disorders. Expanded genetics chapter to include recent developments in genomics. Pathology and immunology chapter thoroughly updated. Many chapters updated with new full-colour illustrations. Videos online: The nervous system The cardiovascular system: the heart The cardiovascular system: heart block The renal system Self-test questions (SBA) online in: Cardiology Neurology Renal system

Pages: 800

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