I Am Your Teen Speaking

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By : Susan Koruthu

Who should read this book and Why?

I have written this book for Parents and Teens and those who are going to be parent or teen. Also for counsellors, coaches, teachers and trainers who work with kids and teens. This book contains 100 aspects of concern in a teen's life. These are a compendium from my work with thousands of my teen clients and parents. All of these are not applicable to any one teen: some may; some may not.

Time is life! Your life is your time (between birth and death).Every moment in life must be cherished. This book is designed in such a manner that parents and teens can get an insight to spend thier time in a fruitful manner.

I believe that my work with teenagers and parents (as group as well as individuals) in the last two decades has given me ample insight. This contains such insights coupled with various reseach findings that would help you to live life meaningfully.

This teatise has valuable practical tools for parents as well as for teens. Thus this can safely be used as a toolkit for both parents and teens. You can refer to it for rearing up healthy and confident children.

This book is a unique gift to any new parent or teen!

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