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This is the ideal science experiments book for kids who respond to hands-on learning and want to put science into action!
Each experiment lets children get to grips with scientific concepts in an enjoyable and accessible way. Super Science Electricity and Magnets Experiments investigates conductors and insulators, static energy and even how to build circuits. Each experiment has clear photographs, with step-by-step instructions, that will ensure learning is easy to follow and fun.
Like a true scientist, kids can record all their findings in the special notes section and test their knowledge with a quiz. Notes for teachers, parents and helpers, as well as a detailed glossary, are also provided.
Fun experiments featured in Super Science Electricity and Magnets Experiments:
• Electricity with salt: Some liquids let electricity pass through them. See if you can make it flow through salty water!
• Electric balloons: Create a statically charged balloon!
• Magic magnet: Discover how electricity can be used to create magnets that will pick up small objects

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