Effective Business in the Gulf

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By : Nicolai Tillisch

The increasingly competitive business environment in rich Arab countries significantly raises the bar for what it takes to successfully run an organization. Effective Business in the Gulf is a concise guide to understanding current trends and adapting one’s approach to doing business in the region.

The first of the book’s four sections gives a brief overview of the Gulf countries’ economic development, which did not take off until the 1970s, but did so with a force stronger than that experienced by any other region. Attractiveness does, however, create attention. Irrespective of the region’s continuing growth, supply has started catching up with demand in most industries, forcing companies to seriously compete for market share and margin to ensure their sustainable financial health. The recent drop in oil prices and intensified government efforts for nationalization in the private sector have only accelerated the need for change. The second section of the book outlines typical implications for a business, while the third part explores situations associated with various leadership roles.
The fourth and final section outlines a powerful framework for becoming a more effective leader. A leader’s success ultimately depends on the circumstances of his or her business, not least in a dynamic and diverse environment such as the Middle East. Each leader must define a personal approach based on specific opportunities and challenges. Tillisch uses the metaphor of a mosaic assembled from colourful pieces and presents a pragmatic five-step model grounded in a combination of research on human performance and practical case examples.
Tillisch is a leadership coach with ten years of experience in the Middle East, and has worked both as an executive responsible for a large multicultural organization and as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.
Effective Business in the Gulf was first published in 2012, when it became a local bestseller. The book is now available in an updated edition

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