Description Of Paradise In The Glorious Quran

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By : Abdul-Halim Ibn Muhammad Nassa

Great importance in view of its significance in the belief of a Muslim. This belief makes him eligible for enjoyment of the bliss and the happiness of the Hereafter. It is not a belief that is limited to the life of this finite and ephemeral world only as compared to the everlasting Hereafter. Rather, it is a great creed that links the life of man in this world to that of the Hetreafter so that his vision will not be restricted to this world alone but extends to the Hereafter. Belief in Paradise is one of the fundamentals of faith. The Messengers of Allah, blessings and peace of Allah be upon him, was asked about faith and he answered, " Faith is to believe in Allah, in His Angels, in His Books, In his Messengers and in the Last Day; and to believe in pre-decree, its good and bad."

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