It is required to have an account in order to purchase from us. Your account serve us for secure transactions.
Click Register, then Fill-Up those required fields, Note: Use valid email, because after registration you will recieved an email verification, in able for you to login in the maketplace.


Make sure that you've login to your account, and make sure your cart have items. Then click Checkout, follow the required steps, then placed order. NOTE: All payments made through Cash On Delivery or Pickup By Branch.
There are no hidden charges in our site, all items are VAT included. What is the total amount of your order, that is the amount you need to pay with no extra charges.
Cash on Delivery is a mode of payment we offer, the customer will placed an order, then we deliver it to you door to door, and pay for the order amount when you recieved it.
Pickup By Branch is a mode of payment we offer, the customer will placed an order, then the customer will pickup and pay the order in the branches that customer selected.
As of now our site not accepting credit/debit card payments.
Make sure you've logged in to your account, click Checkout, follow the steps required, then on Payment Tab select Cash On Delivery Option. Then follow the remaing steps, then finally placed an order.

My Account & My Orders

Click Account Name, select Account Settings, Change any information you need to change, then click Update profile.
Click Account Name, Select My Orders, Now you could see your orders lists and statuses. And look for the Invoice Reference Number, to check the status.
Regarding with products that is 'Out of Stock', Message us on website messaging, Or contact us through email. (

Order Status

Click Account Name, then select My Orders, then click Order Details, and now you could track the order.
You can cancel your order if your order is not yet confirmed in our side and not in transit., and you must email ( or message through site messenger us with this concern.


Usually if your total amount of order was below 250, it cost 20 AED for COD fee added on the total amount of order. But if your order amount was 250 and above, it is FREE of charge.
Usually the estimated delivery time takes 3 to 5 business working days.
As of now we did not cater international delivery, unless special orders and customer agrees with terms and conditions of the charges.